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Newly Trained TFT Therapists Are Helping Support the TFT Therapists in Rwanda Who are Providing Trauma Relief for Many.

Joanne Callahan ATFT FoundationLast year we trained many new TFT practitioners.  In their trainings we told them about the ATFT Foundation’s trauma relief work and the amazing changes that are taking place because of TFT. We also shared the opportunity for them to help with these humanitarian relief efforts.

Our 2010 TFT Boot Camps from Chicago, Orlando, San Diego, New Jersey, London, La Quinta, Salt Lake City, Vancouver and Baltimore all joined us in providing part-time staff for the IZERE Center.  Last year that support, combined with one of our very generous donors, allowed us to provide 5 part-time therapists and 1 full-time psychologist for the center.

I wanted to share with all of you some of the words of appreciation from Rwanda:

“When we observe change in the lives of the people we are treating using TFT, we really feel a deep joy in our hearts and all this is because of your generosity which pushed you to think about us, and your love for us, that led you to decide to send again the team from the USA to train Rwandan therapists who are now doing their best to help people using TFT.”

What is pleasing us the most is that after the departure of the team from USA, now many people are coming every day at IZERE CENTER to be treated, the average number being 30 people a day, and we are trying our best to treat them and finish them all.

TFT is used to heal the people

Those who are treated tell us that TFT helps so much and do not cause any danger to them; this because our clients fully participate in what is being done to them by tapping where we tell them to tap according to their problem.  We also see ourselves that their facial expressions change drastically after treatment.  They do not remain the same as before treatment. We see that they are happy again and confident.  We are happy and empowered when we observe such great change in the lives of suffering people.  There is nothing better than seeing somebody smiling again after so many years without smiling.  Many of them became our friends.

The IZERE Center is becoming the model of social center in our District.  Our dreams are to see TFT growing bigger and reach as many people who need it as possible.  The work we do speak itself and makes us known even without our notice.  After the training of the trainers, we will be able to make sure our dreams.

Many Rwandan’s citizens are living with trauma and other Psychological problem because of the genocide and the war, the poverty.  Consequently, there is a really a big need for services like these for many Rwandan people.  Thank you very much”

Thank you to all of you who are helping to make a difference in the lives of so many.  This year we will be training the four lead therapists at the IZERE Center to become TFT Trainers.

There are still hundreds of thousands of yet untreated genocide survivors who suffer from PTSD in Rwanda.  The Rwandans need to be trained as TFT trainers so they could train others to use TFT in their homeland.

In September 2011 four Rwandan TFT practitioners from Byumba and Kigali came to Hawaii for a month of intense training.  They reviewed TFT skills and learned to train others to use it.  As part of their training, the Rwandans trained 16-20 trainees in Hawaii for 2 days and then will supervise them in their clinical practice at the sites in which they serve.  These will be pro-bono trainings and pro-bono clinics serving the needy populations while at the same time training and supervising the Rwandans.

The benefits of this year’s program are tremendous:

  1. Rwandans moving to self-sufficiency in continuing to train, treat and follow-up on their TFT treatments of wide-scale trauma, and empowered to expand geometrically the benefits of TFT across Rwanda and to neighboring countries.
  2. Free treatment for the homeless, people in recovery and many others who do not have access or the means to obtain treatment.
  3. Locally trained TFT practitioners prepared to work with the people with high needs and limited resources in Hawaii.

Please consider helping us further this project:  Visit www.ATFTFoundation.org to help make a difference in the lives of thousands of Rwandans.


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