TFT Foundation Helping in Rwanda

Before the TFT arrived in Rwanda, especially in Izere Center, we had several cases of  problems  of suffering from trauma, guilt, anger, stress, disability or physical pain and other psychological problems were raising higher and higher as waves.

Many people had any hope for these problems. We tried our best to find every where someone who could help our people in healing. But under God, the delegation from ATFT BOARD, headed by Suzanne Connelly August 2009 accepted to come to help us to find the issues of these problems.

They did the study, they trained 35 Rwandan therapist and treated many people at Izere Center. This work revealed us the power of TFT. Around 99% of treated people witnessed their healing. And we also saw the differences among our clients.

Before the departure of this team, we formed an association of the therapists trained by Suzanne, Dr. Caroline and their companions in order to continue helping a great number of  people who continued to come to be treated at Izere Center.

After their departure, we opened a TFT office at Izere Center where the therapists were helping permanently a big number of people.  Among our suffering clients, most of them were crying, hopeless, and after treatment they went home with joy and happiness.  It was very encouraging, interesting and hopeful for us to see our people coming out of their painful situations.

Because of a big number of healed people and of those who wanted our help, the 33 therapists come at Izere Center for the community treatment. In this service, we treated many people from different regions.

At their home, the therapists continued to help their neighbors.

After we decided to make a TFT clinic where one permanent and 2 part-time therapists are actually working.  

After one year, Roger Callahan/ ATFT Foundation sent the same team for the follow up. Because of the need of many therapists, they trained other 33 therapist who joined other 35 therapists trained one year ago. Actually we have 66 therapists who are still working seriously.

From 2009 to now, many thousands of people have been healed and we have many testimonies among them, there are those which are given by the local authorities, therapists and clients.


Roger Callahan and Joanne Callahan meet the Izere Center leaders in Hawaii

TFT in service of families’ reconciliation

Many families in Rwanda live in conflict because of painful history, poverty, and illiteracy. The therapists contributed and are still contributing to resolve these problems in the way of unity and reconciliation. We treat people using TFT and after they are healed we teach them how they can live in peace and unity in their families. Sometimes, all members of family are treated. And, they live in peace with their neighbors.

I can confirm that this is the hope of the best future of their families and the nation. It is also the beginning of the development of their families.

TFT in service of youth.

Every Monday, we have the meeting with the youth. In this meeting we teach catechesis, Bibles, ethics, economic development with micro projects, family consolidation, unity and reconciliation. From the beginning of this year, we introduced the program of teaching them TFT. Most of them had already shown the will of knowing some algorithm in order to treat themselves and their neighbors.

Most of them have been treated and they are very happy for this service freely given to them.

TFT in service of widows.

Every Tuesday and Friday, we have the special service of the widows, on each day we treat around 30 people.

Not that those people who are treated and being treated pay nothing because their poverty.  It is a charitable or humanitarian service.

I use the TFT to treat myself and my neighbors.  It very helpful for all of  us .

Our training in Hawaii

Last September 2011 I and other three Rwandan therapists have been in Hawaii for training as trainers in TFT. It was a big experience to meet and to talk with Roger Callahan the Founder of ATFT and the inventors of Callahan techniques. This training has been very fruitful and helpful. It is a new hope of the good future of our people. The TFT will also be known by many people, and then we shall help many people in our region, Africa and in the entire world.

For me, the meeting with Dr. Roger and his wife Joanne was an occasion to thank him for everything he does, especially for Rwandan people and other suffering people in general. I sincere thank him for the knowledge shared with us.  He has made a new way of healing people all over the word with TFT, with natural knowledge given to the humanity.

Dr. Roger opened a way of voluntarism to all psychologists and other people of good will.  This new opened way is to help people in need, people in painful situation of war, conflict, poverty, psychological problems…

Today the World needs many people like Dr. Roger Callahan. He is always focusing on the problems of the world, especially about the better life of humanity.

Since when Roger sent the team of the therapists to Rwanda to help the survivors and other vulnerable people, he is always trying his best for the best future of our country.

We sincerely appreciate the work of Dr. Roger Callahan. I hope, in his retirement many people will continue to think about him and to come to him.

I would like also to say thanks to the first missionaries of TFT in Rwanda. (Suzanne, Dr. Caroline,  Garry, and Sindie).

We will never forget your work.

May God bless you all!

Deacon Augustin NZABONIMANA


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