Activities of The Izere Center

At the IZERE Center, people with trauma based and psychological problems come to be treated. There is a TFT office at the center whereby clients come from Monday up to Friday, morning and afternoon to get assisted by the trained Rwandan therapists fully present on those five days a week. The people who come to the center include widows, orphans, disabled individuals, people suffering from HIV/AIDS and survivors of the Rwandan genocide living with different kinds of problems.

From August 29th, 2009 up to today, more than 200 clients have been treated so far at the center. As you remember, the 36 trained Rwandan therapists come from different layers of the Rwandan society: priests, teachers and directors of orphanages, directors and teachers of secondary schools, policemen, businessmen, and clinical psychologists. All these therapists are now using TFT.

At the center we have three therapist who work a part time, Brother Augustine, Adrienne and MUKAMURARA Betty (Betty will begin to treat people up to January). They work 2 days a week (Tuesday and Friday) except brother Augustine is working at Izere Center every day. We do our best to make sure that there is therapists in the IZERE TFT office daily to assist the people who come at the center for treatment.  The clients and the people in general are happy with this service introduced at the center. They used to travel long distances going to the health centers and hospitals for treatment but now they find the help near them.

Joseph Ishimwe is our translator and therapist during the training. Joseph is a Vice Principle at a catholic Secondary School with 500 students and 27 teachers. This is a boarding school, and all the students and teachers live inside. So, Joseph is working hard at school using TFT techniques. He has put in place a TFT bureau at his school where students and teachers with trauma based and psychological problems come for help. The students are very happy and Joseph too.

Other examples we can give here are the works done by Jean Baptiste nicknamed Big John, Agnes, Jeanne d’Arc Anatole and others who are working in the orphanage (SOS), Fabien who is working in the police, Dominique Savio  who use TFT in the Nyamiyaga sector office and many others. They are all using TFT techniques at their workplaces and their work is more successful.

Father J.M.V is the chair person of Rwandan TFT Association (ATFT IZERE/RWANDA) and Brother Augustine actually President, visited them in their working places.

The types of problems people are usually treated for include trauma, anxiety, anger, rage, fears, phobia, body pains and others.

The People who are treated pay nothing, they are all treated free of charge. Those people we assist know fully it is not easy to render such a free service but we still to dot charge them anything. (All are poor)

The people who are treated tell us that these techniques help so much and do not cause any harm to them; this because our clients fully participate in what is being done to them by tapping where the therapist tells them to tap. We also see ourselves that their facial expressions change drastically after treatment. They do not remain the same as before treatment. We see that they are happy again and confident. We are happy and empowered when we observe such great change in the lives of suffering people. There is nothing better than seeing somebody smiling again after so many years without smiling.

Many Persons are excited too about the project, and they have shown interest in our work. They know we are there and we are working for the good of our nation. We are constantly in touch with them so that we can always carry out our work publicly. And The Izere Center is becoming the modal of social center in our District.  Our dreams are to see TFT growing bigger and reach as many people who need it as possible. How can we then achieve our objective if we are closed to ourselves? The work we do speak itself and makes us known even without our notice.  After the training of the trainers, we will be able to make sure our dreams.

Many Rwandan’s citizens are living with trauma and other Psychological problem because of the genocide and the war, the poverty, Consequences. The service like this is   really a big need for many Rwandan people.

It is necessary that this center have the financial aids in order to continue their activities. It why, we ask to every person who can contribute to help Rwandan’s people to support this project.  We thank especially to Callahan and to all persons who help our people.

May God bless them!

Brother Augustine  NZABONIMANA

The President of ATFT Izere/Rwanda.

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