TFT Treatment In Rwanda


TFT treatment in Rwanda

On Tuesday December 08, 2009 the Association for Thought Field Therapy IZERE/RWANDA (ATFT IZERE/RWANDA) treated the people suffering from trauma based and other psychological problems at NYINAWIMANA Parish. The trained Rwandan therapists decided to carry out this activity in their general meeting on 29th November 2009 at IZERE Center, after the observation that many clients used to come at the center every day for treatment of their trauma.

The trained Rwandan therapists from different corners were present and the treatment started at 8:30am, and the agenda was scheduled as follows:

  1. Treating the clients using TFT methods
  2. Submitting the “Three Months Follow-Up Therapist’s Self-Report” by the trained Rwandan therapists.


Tappn TherapyBefore treating them, clients were put in 8 groups, and each group was composed of 30 to 35 clients. The session started by welcoming the clients. Brother Augustine also reminded them all about treatment using TFT Methods and told them about the ATFT IZERE/RWANDA programs.

When we started the treatment, more clients were coming at the center to be treated. For this, other groups were created for those clients who came after we had started the treatment. The total number of 316 people came for treatment.

In groups, every therapist treated his/her clients with the clear purpose of knowing some specific things including:

  • the clients who are completely healed from their trauma,
  • the clients who did not get healed completely,
  • the clients who can treat themselves using TFT Methods

After treatment, the collected information showed the following:

  • There are clients who can treat themselves using TFT Methods,
  • There are some people who feel they cannot treat themselves using TFT Methods,
  • There are some people who can try to treat themselves using TFT Methods,
  • There are some people who did not get healed completely,
  • There are some people who got healed but not completely (who still show some symptoms of trauma and weakness),
  • There are some people who got healed and said that they fear the trauma may come back,
  • There are some people who cannot be healed because of their existing physical pain which requires going to the hospitals for medical treatment,
  • Finally, there are some people who deserve special care and continual follow up.

TFT treatment studentsThe therapists were interested in knowing the life of their clients after the last August 2009 treatment carried out by ATFT Team from America. Some of the clients said that the transport money which was given to them was used for the benefit of their entire families.

They said they used that money for purchasing the following:

  • Some goats, sheep and hens
  • Food and other home needs
  • And on the school fees of their children in secondary schools, etc.

After treatment, there came the time for free interaction between therapists and clients whereby therapists introduced themselves to the clients one by one. Each therapist greeted the clients and told his/her names, occupation, residence and other relevant information. The purpose of this is to let clients feel a deep friendship with their therapists, and this intends to build a high level of performance in the ATFT IZERE/RWANDA.


As it was agreed upon in the general meeting on 29th November 2009 at IZERE Center, the therapists submitted the “Three Months Follow-Up Therapist’s Self-Reports”. These reports will help ATFT IZERE/RWANDA evaluate its Trauma Relief program. Brother Augustine reminded all the therapists the criteria by providing to them some questions to answer.

  1. How many community members have you treated with TFT these three months?
  2. What was the average number of times you saw each person for his or her problems?
  3. Did you feel that Thought Field Therapy made a difference in the people’s lives that you worked with? Please tell us about this. Why or why not? When did it make a difference and when did it not?
  4. Were the people you treated pleased with the results they achieved by using TFT? Please tell us about this.
  5. Do you feel like your using Thought Field Therapy to help individuals in your community made a difference in your community? Please describe why or why not.
  6. Is there anything more you would like to say about your experience these three months using Thought Field Therapy to help others?

After the submission of these reports, the therapists closed their session. They all went back home with the common view of continuing assisting the people with trauma in their communities. The existing good service of coming at the center 4 times a month to treat people will also continue. It was agreed upon that this same activity will be carried out again in February 2010

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