Izere Vocational Center

A Project proposal for the construction of Izere Vocational Center in Diocese of Byumba Izere Center.

In Rwanda, the rate access about schools stills at low level. The percentage of primary schools is estimated around 90% whereas 10% is for the secondary school. In the aim of resolving this situation and according to the millennium goals, the vision of Africa aims at increasing the rate of pupils in the schools. In Rwanda, the government has particularly established a national program of teaching people as many as possible to increase the rate of schooling as follows:

Access rate of primary school (2010) 90% (2015) 95% (2020) 100%
Access rate of secondary school (2010) 10% (2015)  20% (2020) 50%

In order to make succeed this project, the financial mobilization, monitoring plan and rational implementation are necessary. That is why Rwanda is calling on people, private sectors, and civil sectors to participate actively in this policy.

Accommodation capacity: 600 pupils
Duration of the project: 50 years


PROJECT GENERAL TOTAL: 755.632.250 RWF /$1,259,387.08
SOLICITED SUPPORT: 680.069.025 RWF /$1,133,448.37


In course of this mission the consultant has identified in documentary form the principal characteristics of locality such as relief, access infrastructures, draining, available resources of water, socio-economic data and other information which the agency may consider as important to achieve its mission. This phase has helped also to refine the activities planning that will follow in the other phases.

During the mission period, the consultant contacted the local authorities to create with them a space of agreement exchange so as to establish the interest climate with the beneficiary communities. This phase will allow the consultant and the experts to explore the whole project, to identify its constraints, its orientations and to refine specific objectives in order to fit into place the preparation and the execution of the mission, especially in questionnaire preparation of survey and in canvas of collection of the secondary data. This is why this report has permitted to find out the real needs which are in the domain of Technical Teaching. It also permitted to notice that beneficiaries are ready to contribute in the work of construction through the common work of all people named in Rwanda language: umuganda. The field of one hector is already there and it is enough for all buildings and school garden.

The first reports and contact with local authority have permitted to distinguish the urgent sections as follows:
1) Public works/construction
2) Computer sciences/electronic
3) Plumbing/Welding
4) Mechanic/Automobile

In the first phase, we plan to construct the following buildings:
1. 1st Building of Administration
2. 2nd Building of six classrooms
3. 3rd Building of six classrooms
4. 1st Building of 3 classrooms
5. 2nd Building of 3 classrooms
6. 3rd Building of 3 classrooms
7. Computer laboratory (I.C.T)
8. Electronic laboratory
9. Public work room
10. Construction room
11. Mechanical automobile room
12. Welding and plumbing laboratory
13. Dining room (refectory)
14. Main hall
15. Boys Dormitory
16. Boys Dormitory
17. Girls dormitory
18. Girls dormitory
19. 4 types of latrines
20. Estimation of fence, stairs, school garden
21. Interception, collection and storing of rainy water
22. Generator house of 9m2
23. Watchman house of 9m2
24. Interception, collection and storing the rainy water
25. Acquisition of the field (expropriation for public utility)


District of GICUMBI, Byumba Sector, Nyarutarama Cell, near of the Regional stadium of BYUMBA.

Catholic Diocese of Byumba has at least one million and two hundred people but it has not any secondary technical school.

Project objective

– Increase the number of girls and boys who wish to study.
– Quality improvement of the form of secondary school to create the future employers and employees.

Project activities

– Elaboration of detailed technical studies
– Proposition of solutions economically viable
– Elaboration of files of financing search
– Execution of work
– Provisional and definitive reception of work
– Organisation of management structures

Project beneficiaries

Rwandan population in general especially people of Gicumbi, Burera, Rulindo, Gatsibo, Nyagatare and Gakenke in particular will be beneficiaries of the project activities.

Methods of execution

The work will be executed in way of enterprise but in course of detailed technical studies, it will be examined the possibilities of realisation of certain slices of work by people who benefit in the frame work of their participation of the school.

Socio-economic impact project

– Important influx of monetary masses in district and creation of jobs
– Situation improvement of technical teaching
– Reinforce the partnership within communities, through the structures of management of infrastructures with public sector, private sector and civil society.
– Increasing of community capacities in decisions making and in charge of community benefits

Deacon Augustin NZABONIMANA
The president of ATFT IZERE/ RWANDA

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